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Not all mold manufacturers are alike Euro Mould who takes priority in mold quality.

In Euro Mould, mould design is conceived from start with high productivity and lowest cost product in mind.  Much time is spent on the mold concept, runner system, proper mold material before starting the actual design, or beginning to cut steel.

Support plates we use are adequately heavy and sufficient supports are provided under the cavities and cores to ensure minimum deflection of the plates under load by clamping and during injection, thus guaranteeing quality products.

Careful consideration is also given to select the best quality of (purchased) mold components to ensure trouble-free operation.

Alignment tapers are properly engineered, with specified amounts of preload, to ensure holding the matching parts in alignment securely.

Cooling channels are carefully planned for optimal size and location to provide maximum cooling efficiency and ensure highest productivity.

Moving plates, such as ejector plates, are properly guided and supported to minimize wear of delicate pins, etc.  Proper, often automatic, lubrication of wear points is provided.

Every mold delivered by Euro Mould is fully tested and debugged before shipment, not just for product sizes and fits but also for productivity of the mold. We take great pride in shipping proven molds that are easily and quickly integrated into our customer's production lines.

Each mold is accompanied with complete mold manual containing:

a. Part 2D drawings

b. Mold assembly drawings and Bill of Materials

c. Water & Air Circuit Schematic Diagram

d. Mold Maintenance Manual

e. Hot Runner Maintenance Manual 

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