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  • Block Mould

    Contact NowBlock Mould1.Product name: Block Mould 2.Part material: PP 3.Mould cavity: 8 cavi for maxi-3 block, 16cav for maxi-2 block 4.Mould base: S50 5.Core & cavity: H13 6.Runner: cold runner 7.Mould finish: polish and logo engraved 8.Mould life: 500K ~ 800K shots 9.Processing with high speed CNC machine to...Read More

  • Child Resistant Cap Mould

    Contact NowChild Resistant Cap Mould1.Product Name: Child Resistant Cap Mould 2.Part material: PE 3.Mould cavity: multi-cavity 4.Mould base: S50C, P20, 5.Mould core & cavity: 2316, S136 6.Slider: SKD 61, 2316, S136 7.Hot runner: DME, YUDO, Mold Master, or as per client’s request. 8.Cold runner also available for low cavity no....Read More

  • Giant Garbage Cart Mould

    Contact NowGiant Garbage Cart Mould1.Product name: Giant Garbage Cart Mould 2.Part material: PP 3.Mould cavity: single cavity 4.Mould base: S50C, P20, LKM / DME standard 5.Core & cavity: P20, berrylium copper inserts for better cooling 6.Runner: cold runner or hot tip from DME, YUDO or as per client’s request 7.Optimal design...Read More

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