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Helmet Cover Mould

Ningbo Euro Mould & Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 16, 2016

Helmet Cover Mould


I. General introduction of the product:

1. part name: Transparent helmet cover

2. part material : PC

3. Par usage: for motorcycle helmet

4. Requirement on the part finish: shining and no shrinkage, no deformation, no scratches, no crack, transparent without orange peel.

II.  Helmet Cover Mould

1. part name: Transparent helmet cover

2. part material : PC

3. Part weight: 94g

4. Part size: 262X162X165mm

5. Shrinkage: 0.5%

6. Thickness: 1.85mm

7. Cavity No.: 1cav

8. Injection machine: HTF250

9. Mould weight: 800kg

10. Mould dimension: 500X450X530mm


III. Mould Structure

1. Structure: The mould is with 1 side gate, the core pulls for inner and outer slider when ejection. Inside this mold, there are inner core pulling system and horizontal ejection system, which is novel structure.


2. Some problems that needs to be solved for designing and manufacturing

(1) as showed in A-1, some part of the product needs reverse draft. And this product is   transparent which attaches great importance for optical performance, so the core part should be machined exactly as per drawing without modification later on.


To solve the above problem, we propose to make the core into two inserts ( A & B) along side the product outside rim. In this way, machining becomes easier, and the part finish is good.


(2) The product complicated structure makes the designing difficult

There are core pulling system inside and outside this mold, we made the inner slider and outer sider to be at the same height for parting line, so as to make the parting line on the product not visible.


 (3) There are some gears and guiding indention, etc, which needs core-pulling to be done before product ejection. While the different way of core-pulling plus the core-pulling system must be done inside the mould makes it more difficult for designing and manufacturing.


We have carefully analyzed and studied the above issues, and finally decided to get combination of inner slider core pulling and outer slider core pulling, with core pulling for angle ejector inside the slider, so as to prevent part the product from sticking to the slider for inner core pulling, thus destroy the product. When ejection, the inner slider will be moving inside under the angle guiding plate, and at the same time, the angle ejector inside the inner slider starts to do core pulling.


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