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Factors Influencing The Cooldown Of Blow Molded Products Have?

Ningbo Euro Mould & Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2016

(1) plastic raw materials, thermal diffusivity, melt temperature, melting and curing characteristics;

(2) thickness, volume, mass and shape of the product;

(3) thermal conductivity of blow molds, and billet blade structure, mold exhaust performance;

(4) blow mold cooling duct types and parameters (distance between surface area, and cavity);

(5) the flow rate and inlet and outlet temperature of cooling fluid

(6) die temperature and mold temperature control precision;

(7) the blow-moulding air pressure and volume;

(8) the blow-moulding air flow;

(9) type of cooling, the cooling medium temperature and pressure;

(10) the consumption of the cooling medium and in the movement of products within the State;

(11) type of cooling.

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