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Euro Mould Launches New Product--- Plastic Planter

Ningbo Euro Mould & Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 15, 2017

planter 1.jpg

Euro Mould launches new product for planting flowers, fruits & vegetables --- plastic planter

this plastic planter is unique, as it can be assmebled for different combinations. 

Basically, a single planter is consist of one bottom plate, insulation plate, 4 pillars, 4 side walls, 4 pillar cover, 4 pulling rods, 4 water plugs. With some additional parts, you can get 2/3/4... planters side by side or "stacked"


  1. rattan design, which is fashionable

  2. good design for automatic irrigation

  3. strong with PP material

  4. detachable for easier transportation

  5. applicable for vegetable, fruit and flower, etc

  6. can be put in office, balcony, garden, roof of buildings, etc.


L40 x W40 x H25cm

Color: white, brown, or customized

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