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Blow Blow Mold Maintenance Method In The Process?

Ningbo Euro Mould & Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2016

(1) the blow molding of transparent containers of highly polished blow mold cavity, every once in a while to Polish it once in the production process. Polish with soft cotton paper to Polish the cavity and rub it into the mold cavity surface to make a small amount of polishing agent, then polished with clean tissue paper, until the cavity mirror appears so far. Polish to often when replacing cotton paper, so as to avoid scratching the mold cavity.

(2) collect molding clip after the slab edge wear to the skilled mould workers to repair. Blow mold neck cutout cut are the key parts on the air intake, to be in good condition, will be replaced in real time. For example cutout edge is uneven wear, molded container leakage can occur in the neck while in use.

(3) blow mould cooling channels for plug or corrode and affect the flow of cooling medium should be cleaned immediately.

(4) blow mold lubrication of guide pillar and guide Bush regularly, each working to replace at least once a year to ensure two die at and prolong die life.

(5) every time when the cessation of production or blow mold inventory, is to use compressed air blowing mould cooling channels, cavities to be painted to avoid corrosion protection agent, waiting for the next time when the blow molding process.

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