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Plastic mold to form the primary components

Ningbo Euro Mould & Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2016

Primary forming parts for surface hardening for mould, with progressive die wear resistance, and better progress in quality. On the surface, based on differences is the use of molds and enhanced approach to selection differences. For example: rushed CD die can used EDM strengthened, and carbide heap welding,, to progress mold parts surface of wear sex and compressive strength; die-cast mold, hot processing mold steel parts can used infiltration nitrogen (hard nitride) handle, to progress parts wear sex, and heat fatigue sex and wear corrosion sex; pulled deep die, and bent die can used infiltration sulfur disposal, to cut friction coefficient, progress material of wear sex; carbon nitrogen total infiltration (soft nitride) can makes for various mold of surface strengthened handle. The other, developed in recent years called FCVA skills vacuum deposition diamond film, surface of the parts constitute a layer and the substrate connection exceptions mean compact bearing and lubrication maintenance of membrane, this skill is a special right to the mold surface maintenance disposal, is progressive, quality as a result of obvious way. Of course, if the parts of a trial product or production volume is quite small, it watchword must mold surface strengthening process.

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