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Plastic mold design steps in accordance with the induction principle

Ningbo Euro Mould & Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2016

According to plastic mould factory design steps, mold design task usually consists of plastic craft made under task of molding plastic, mold design to molding plastics parts specifications to design the mold, mold design based on the mission statement.

Collect, analyse and digest raw data: collected on product design, molding, molding equipment, machining and special processing information for use when designing the mold.

Digest plastic, understand the uses of products, analysis of plastic technology, dimensional accuracy and other technical requirements. Plastic mold on the outside shape, color, transparency, the use of performance requirements is what geometrical structures, slope of plastic parts, inserts, etc is reasonable, weld shrinkage defects such as to be, with or without coating, electroplating, gluing, drilling and other processing. Select size analysis of plastics parts dimension precision high, estimated tolerance lower tolerances of the plastic parts, plastic parts can produce the required. In addition, to find the plastic and plastic molding processing parameters.

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