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In Mould Labeling for EBM

Ningbo Euro Mould & Plastic Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 21, 2016

Process for IML - applied on EBM

Material is melt in the screw, and extruded by the die head to form a certain length of parison continuously. At the same time, the robot arm on the IML machine will suck the labels and take it into the cavity of the blow mold, where there are many tiny holes to suck/ grip these labels under vacuum pressure. After that, the robot will return to the original place. When the parison reaches desired length, the mould carriage will move towards die head to receive the parison, and close mold quickly. Parison will be cut thereafter. Then mould carriage will move towards blow pin, which will blow compressed air into the cavity. The final product will be formed after blowing and cooling.


2. Main problems during IML applied on EBM

Ø Bubbles appear on the labels after IML

Ø Labels can’t stay in the cavity and fall down

Ø Some substance inside the mould cavity


3. Some advice

3.1 Mould temperature will affect the quantity of the bubbles.

During production, the temp. of the mould is controlled by chiller,s and the chiller temp. has something to do with the quantity of the bubbles. As tested on Akei machine (with labels from a Japan company), that the lower the temp. Is, the more the bubbles are, vice versa. And it’s suggested to make the chiller temp. 26-28C in summer and 20-22C in winter.

3.2 Pre-blow will also affect the quantity of bubbles

When you are working for some 4L jerrycans, etc, better to get the parison bottom sealed after the parison is cut, and pre-blow to make the parison a bit bigger than the die mouth to avoid the parison to get stuck together. With the help of the parison controller to adjust the wall thickness, the temp. will be even for different places when the label is applied, in this case, the bubbles will be less.


3.3 labels made of different material will affect the quantity of bubbles

The mould temperature should be adjusted according to labels made of different material. For example, IDS100 and IDS80 are 2 different label material, and temperature for latter one should be lower to reduce the chance of bubbles.

There are two different structure for label adhesive layer: overlapping and non-overlapping structures. The non-overlapping structured label will exhaust when the label sticks to the jerrycans, and it’s applied to small labels. For overlapping structured labels, the air is exhausted through the channels for overlapping.


3.4 some substance inside the mould cavity

After long-time production, there will be something like printing oil and other substance inside the mold cavity, affect the heat transfer of the mould, thus there will be some bubbles. So please remove these substance regularly with water.


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